Cooling Tower Features

1. For the fan diameter less than 2.4m, we use the design of the patent and innovate” low-speed high efficiency and special motor for the cooling tower”. No reducer structure, multiple low-speed fan links directly, lower noise, energy consumption, and failure rate. No need to adjust and change triangle belt regularly, which means low maintenance cost, energy conservation, and environment protection.

2. The casing is made of Fiberglass reinforced polyester(FRP), chemical resistance. All steel component are galvanized and meet the standard of BS EN ISO 1461:1999, thus this series has long operation life and are more durable.

3. Modern CAD/CAM factory produce standardized parts, Could assemble the modules of tower both in factory or construction site, elegant appearance, strong frame,anti-seismic capacity, the intensity of wind pressure exceeds 150kgf/㎡.

4. Three in ultra-slim PVC cooling fin makes the thermal performance of tower excellent, All series products have been tested by authority, cooling efficiency exceeds 100%, super material. Hydrophilia, fire resistance, low wind resistance, high heat dissipation capacity.

5. it has better low noise performance than a counter-current cooling tower. The way of the air inlet is opposite sides, fill is connect to the basin, avoid the sound of dripping water like a counter-current cooling tower, and the noise was greatly reduced.





A cooling tower as the name suggests is a device that releases excess heat from a system into the atmosphere. This technology finds its utility in large-scale economical cooling solutions. It’s also is the number one choice where work efficient long-term cooling solution is desired.

S A Associates Offers “Linko Cooling Tower”. This equipment utilizes cooling a stream of water that is at a higher temperature to a lower temperature in order to gain the required or desired cooling effect. Commonly cooling towers reach their objectives by either cooling the working fluid to near wet-bulb temperature using evaporation or in the case of closed-circuit cooling towers the mechanism cools the working fluid to dry bulb temperature using air solely as the cooling medium.


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